Even the Japanese Emperor honors him

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A truly special person was my guest recently. He is Hanshi Daniel Blanchet, a Ju Jutsu grand master of French origin. His Japanese name is Tani Gawa Shodai Soke.

He has been in Hungary several times as he has pupils in the country, just like in many other countries in the World.

He is the founder of the world organization called ‘ASAHI DOJO INTERNATIONAL’, which he has built up everywhere from Australia to South-America based on the Japanese family model. He has been practicing martial arts and walks the way of Budo since 1959.

Even the Japanese Emperor honors him

Daniel Blanchet Tani Gawa Shodai Soke Ju Jutsu 10 dan grand master among his pupils. He is wearing the belt given to this excellent martial artist by the Japanese Emperor.

He used to work as a communication and PR manager is several French multinational companies in his civilian life. He was active in business and he is a well-known sports diplomat. Of course, as he has a wide perspective on life, I asked him about other topics besides the sports.


I publish a short trailer of the interview.


His martial arts ranks:

10th Dan Hanshi Ju Jutsu (Judan)

9th Dan Hanshi Aiki Jutsu (Kudan)

8th Dan Kyoshi Karate-do (Hachidan)

7th Dan Kyoshi Atemi Jutsu (Shichidan)

He holds black belts in several other martial arts as Judo, Aikudo, Kobudo, Ken Jutsu, Goghin Jutsu, etc.


Even the Japanese Emperor honors him

In difficulty, Nine Men’s Morris is not even close to the Japanese GO, but it is excellent for having a conversation while playing.

Writer: Ferenc Borbas


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